Lafec - Industrial Equipments
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Industrial Ovens and Furnaces


Serial production or specific for each cliente.

For temperatures up to 250 C (482 F), the interiors are built in zinc carbon steel.

For temperatures higher than 250 C. (482 F), the interiors are always built with the appropriate steel.

All ovens have circulating air.

Equipment for temperatures ranging from 100 C to 800 C.


We design specifically on the basis of the material we have at hand, the work load and the amount of baths.

Manufactures with carbon or zinc steel, or stainless steel (AISI 304 or 316).

Heating through burners run on oil or gas, steam or electricity.

Manufactured with open or closed mouth systems, though motor reducer or pneumatic systems.

Steam Drying Furnace

Manufactured in profile and lacquered plates isolated with polyurethane.

One of the top furnace doors has a quick closing lock.

The bottom of the furnace is equipped with standard zinc grills and rails for freight cars to slide.

The air recirculates through ventilators.

Steam heating through streamers for the temperature to rise.